Together with Maarten Brugmans, Bart Dohmen & Niels Molenaar | 6 weeks | 2009

Cobes is a concept designed for the Philips Creative Challenge for which the theme was Hospitality. The aim of the system is to help a metro operator to create a clean, safe and hospitable metro for travelers. By analyzing human movement patterns (through a neural network) the Cobes system can determine irregularities in the metro, such as litter or damaged seats. Based on this, the metro operator can quickly and efficiently deal with these irregularities. Additionally, travelers are unconsciously guided to pleasant places by the dynamic lighting system. The movie below demonstrates the working prototype.

The Cobes prototype detecting a beer can as trash
The Cobes prototype


– Bergen, T.A.M. van, Brugmans, M.J.B., Dohmen, B.F.T. & Molenaar, N. (2009). Cobes – The clean, safe and hospitable metro, in: Proceedings of Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

– Presented during the BNAIC Conference in Eindhoven 2009 and granted the “Best Demo Award”

– Cobes: The Clean, Safe and Hospitable Metro, IDZine, March 2010