Improving Digital Photo Sharing

improving_digital_photo_sharing_1Research Project | Individual 10 weeks | 2009

This research through design project focuses on co-present digital photo sharing on a PC and investigates how this could be supported. While analyzing the current digital photo sharing situation we noticed that there was a high threshold for visitors to take control of the PC of the photo owner, resulting in inequity of participation. It was assumed that visitors would have the opportunity to interact with the PC more freely if this threshold was lowered by distributing the user interface and creating a more public instead of personal interaction space around the PC. This in turn could make them feel more involved and in control during a session, creating a more enjoyable experience. To test these assumptions a design prototype was created that stimulates participants to use cooperative gestures. The situation with the cooperative gestures was compared with the regular digital photo sharing situation, which makes use of a keyboard. The results show that visitors felt more involved and in control in the design prototype cooperative gestures condition, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for all the participants.

Collaborative artifacts


– Hoven, E.A.W.H. van den & Bergen, T.A.M. van (2015). Tangible Cooperative Gestures: Improving Control and Initiative in Digital Photo Sharing, Machines – Looking at the Future of Human-Computer Interaction