LEGO Water Pump


Individual 3 weeks | 2008

This project was about creating an extension for the existing LEGO Mindstorms system. I saw an opportunity to add a whole new dimension by creating a LEGO water pump. A working prototype was build using 3D printing that is fully compatible with existing LEGO blocks and controllable by the NXT. The movie below shows a demonstration video of an interactive fountain. During the project other LEGO applications were also created such as a swing robot that learns how to swing by itself through reinforcement learning.

LEGO water pump together with the NXT controller


– Bhömer, M. ten, Bartneck, C., Hu, J., Ahn, R.M.C., Tuyls, K.P., Delbressine, F.L.M. & Feijs, L.M.G. (2009). Developing Novel Extensions to Support Prototyping for Interactive Social Robots, in: Proceedings of Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

– Presented during the BNAIC Conference in Eindhoven 2009