Move the Music

Move the Music

Together with Wouter Kersteman, Floor Mattheijsen & Joris Zaalberg | 1 week | 2008

This project was about embodied interaction; how to design for it and how to implement it in a design project. The task was to design an embodied interaction concept for a specific context that uses bodily movements to interact with a product and that will create meaning through its interaction. We designed the “Move the Music” stick (or “Mustick”); a stick with 2 integrated accelerometers that is connected to a music database. The stick is intended to be used in a party context. The movements of the stick have a direct influence on the speed of the music that is playing. Therefore you have to keep moving the stick to keep the music going. The following movie shows the working prototype. Also see

Move the Music
Mustick prototype


– ID students in New Business Showcase 2009, IDZine, December 2008

– Mustick presented at Midemnet, IDZine, January 2009

– Eindhovense ‘airguitarhero’ in Cannes, Cursor, week 18, 2009

– ‘Luchtgitaar’ maakt muziek, de Technologiekrant, nr. 3, February 2009

– Muziekstok, Techno!, nr. 2, April/May 2009

– Muziekstok, de Ingenieur, nr 3., March 2009

– Presented during the Midem Conference in Cannes 2009

– Presented during the CHI Conference in Boston 2009

– Recored by Teleac for the Wetenschap 24 channel, May 2009

– Presented during the Dutch Design Week 2009